Greg (hager) wrote,


Since it's been cold outside I wanted to jog during the day before the temps fell any further. There was unusual amount of activity out at Ellington. That Global Peace Missions plane has been out there for at least 2-3 weeks now and I'm not sure what it's there for. I did hear snipits in the news a while back about some of the prominent businessmen in Houston flying to Asia for Tusami related efforts but I'm not sure what really took place.

Other than that there were 3 FA/18's out there. Probably regular ones and not superhornets. I didn't get close enough to see which squadron they were attached too. part of what they were doing were touch & go's, including what I think what was a T-38, painted in camo. All the NASA T-38's are white with some blue trim so I wasn't quite sure if these were 38's are not. It almost looked like a smaller version of an F-4 Phantom, but we haven't had those out there since the late eighties.

Anyway, I jogged half the 5k route plus ~200 feet or so. Didn't stop this time and i think my shoes are breaking in a bit more, making for a more comfortable run. I'm still not able to enjoy it properly but hopefully one day i will.
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