Greg (hager) wrote,


Other than the fact I ate too much for dinner, the setting was perfect for a 10 o'clock jog at Ellington. It was near ideal temperature and not as windy as in recent days.

Anyway, determined to make up for the last time where i slowed to a walk during the 2.5k ~1.5 mile loop, I did the entire loop plus about .15-.2 miles extra before I stopped. I was cramping noticably in the appendix area which is rare for me. Then again I'm still in the early stages of getting back into a routine.

Also, I bought a small item which may very well increase my life expectancy, in a way. It's a small clip on, battery operated light, so other drivers & individuals can see you better at night. The light can be turned on solid (red) or about 5 variations of blinking. I run against traffic but decided to cover my arse, literally, by placing the light on the backside of my waistband, near the tailbone. Since I jog at 9:30 and 10pm in this area adjacent to the airport and military base, this is the time when a lot of 2nd shift employees are leaving and there is essentially no other traffic to contend with, let alone eccentric tossers who've adopted the roads near the base as a jogging route. Maybe I won't get run over in the long run.
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