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usual deal. Ellington AFB. 9:30pm; it was about 5-10 degrees cooler than I thought it would be, relatively calm winds.

Started out with the usual .25-.3 mile walk to and from one of the NASA hangers then hit a slow to moderate pace to Hwy 3 and back to the Continental Express parking lot. Last time I jogged my left ankle and heel hurt some for the first half mile and I felt slight residual pain in it the day after and perhaps some today. I relaced my shoes, which are still not broken in and my feet felt better during the run. No pain in the left ankle or achilles area. Either way, I'm seeing a sports medicine doctor for precautionary measures after taking some advice from some gals in the LJ runners community.

Total distance was half the 5k route, oh and a quick jog from my mailbox to my apartment.
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