Greg (hager) wrote,


went out around 9:40, ~3:30 minutes after eating. cool breeze, but warm enough for me to wear my summertime gear. slight wind from the east.

Walked .25-.3 miles warming up at a pace not much more than a stroll. hit the jog with a faster pace than this past weekend. my left heel/ankle hurt a litte for the first half mile or so. probably because I rolled it on the stairs while moving 6 weeks ago. probably not a damn thing anyone can do about it but it's probably something I can ignore in the long run.

total distance was around 1.8 miles or so. no cramps tonight, but I think that had more to do with timing the run properly after eating.
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Watching your icon is enough to build some sweat...
A lot of people in my town go jogging through the snow. I can't bring myself to do it. The below freezing air might feel good after a while, but it must be hell in the beginning.
I just moved away from an apartment complex (over behind Baybrook Mall) that had a decent gym. Nice treadmill, some exercise bikes and stuff. On days that it would rain I'd do something in there. I should probably invest in some colder weather running gear now that I don't have access to quite as good an apartment gym and I refuse to join Bally's etc.

If this was a climate where it snowed more often than every couple of decades I'd probably try to find something else to do during the winter, maybe a swim in a heated pool? Or maybe just watching tv on my couch,,I'm really good at that.
"Or maybe just watching tv on my couch,,I'm really good at that."

Lol, so are Swedes. =)

Yeah, NEVER join Bally. Ugh. They are swindlers and theives. Boo on them.