Greg (hager) wrote,

and another jog

I did my usual startup routine and walked about .3 miles or so before I started the 'loop' which I'd previously measured to be almost 2.5k exactly. I'd measured it with my GTI which I assumed the odometer was accurate at least within 100 ft when measuring something less than 3 miles or so. Anyway, in my Tacoma, the half loop read .8 of a mile, so I could have been running closer to 3.5 miles when I used to do 2 full loops. I'd have to get one of those official measuring wheel-things to make sure, so now I'm curious.

Anyway, I waited 3:30 after eating, the air was chilly but not unbearable, mild breeze, so I wore one of my longer sleeve running shirts. Cramped up a little bit on the right but did the loop. Second night in a row, so I'm off to a good start. Hopefully i can do a 5k sometime in the spring and ideally a 10k sometime this calendar year.
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